Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked 

Deciding on an egg or sperm donor is a major decision for all Intended Parents. Visitors to our website are usually exploring their choices for a known donor, whilst wishing to maintain their privacy and investigate costs and destination options.
The information below is to assist with the most commonly asked questions. However, if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us and we can go through those with you.
What is the difference between a known egg donor through your agency and an egg donor through my IVF clinic?

Most IVF clinics offer the option of matching their own egg donors for their patients. Locally based donors minimize expenses but must be offered within the constraints of local laws.

If the donors are not legally able to be compensated for their time and effort, few donors come forward. Those that do may be shared amongst multiple recipients on a waiting list and matching with the recipients own features and preferences is not a viable consideration.

Utilizing an anonymous egg donor through your IVF clinic may limit your choices as to what type of egg donor you are matched with. Intended parents may only be given basic information regarding the egg donor’s physical features, education and ethnicity. You are reliant on the clinic staff to choose your match for you- rather than being able to make the choice yourself.

Clinic donors are largely anonymous. This means that you cannot access any details in the present or in the future. For parents who later decide that they wish to give their children information on the donor, there is no possibility of doing so.

Childhood photos are available in some countries for donor choice. However, few of us actually resemble our baby photos and appearance as adults often differ completely.

Clinics do not offer the option of meeting your donor or any possibility of future contact. They must observe the laws of their country for local donors and if a donor must be registered and on record as a donor for life in her own country, this often deters women from donating.

Affordable donor cycles offered by a clinic often means that a local donor has her eggs shared with multiple recipients.You receive an allotted number of eggs, which may minimize your chances of additional embryos to freeze.

Parents are unable to know or access information as to how many donations a clinic donor has had or the number of children resulting from those donations.

A clinic donor’s compensation will fall within local guidelines and she may be donating through financial hardship rather than choice.

What is the difference between a known egg donor through your agency and ordering frozen eggs through an egg bank?

Whilst vitrification methods now allow for a greater number of surviving eggs, statistically thawed eggs (oocytes) have a factor of loss due to the stress of freezing. Young healthy eggs have a higher quality thaw rate, but their quality cannot be determined until thawing.

A fresh donor cycle optimizes the chances of your resulting embryo number and all the eggs retrieved belong to the Intended Parent. Donor bank eggs are frozen in numbers considered sufficient for one attempt and multiple straws are sold to recipients world wide.

What is the difference between a known egg donor through Exquisite Donors and using another agency?

Firstly our combined years of experience as donors. Knowing the aspects that we were happy with and those that did not sit well with us.

We are not a marketing team looking to maximize profits at the expense of the Donors or the Intended Parents. We are proud of our donations that have resulted in children around the world. We are proud to have made a profound difference in the lives of our parents and their extended families.

Therefore we do not share donor cycles without the knowledge of the donor or the Intended Parents. Each donation is special for the donor and she is emotionally invested in a positive outcome. We inform our donors of positive or negative result so that she is aware of possible children born.

Our donors are well compensated. Her travel and stay is designed for the least stress possible and we endeavor to make her experience a positive one. She is always in the company of an experienced donor companion traveling with her.

All our donors are closely monitored by medical professionals in the screening and preparation period and during the stimulation stages. These results are directly communicated to the IVF clinic abroad. This is an essential requirement for the health of the donor and to optimize your cycle results. However it is not commonplace for many agencies to do so.

Our donors sign with us exclusively. We do not accept donors who are listed with multiple agencies and every donor must have a 3 month break between donations, both for her own health and to optimize the results of each donation.

Can I meet the Donor?

The level of information the donor provides and the option to meet/skype are dependent on the donor’s choices. Alongside her profile she will indicate the level of contact she is comfortable with.

Abroad of her own country she is able to make these choices. However, if your destination clinic prohibits a known donor, she will not be able to meet with you whilst in the country.

Is there an age limit for Intended Parents?

We work with partner clinics as well as your chosen clinic. Intended Parents with the female recipient up to the age of 55 years can be accepted with our partners.

The USA and other countries may be able to accept older Intended Mothers and we are open to discussing your your needs individually.

Can I/we have a Known Donor and plan a cycle with my/our Surrogate?

Yes. We work with many Intended Parents who have their own surrogate and we plan closely with the IVF clinic to synchronise both women.

Our country laws require that we use a known egg donor. Can the donor assist us with the paperwork required?

In some cases yes. However, each donor decides if she wishes to be on record abroad as a donor. If you require a donor to be registered officially in your country, we can offer candidates that specifically agree to this option for you.

If you wish her to travel to your home country, the Intended Parent/s are responsible for any additional visa fees and expenses that this may incur, as well as confirming with their clinic that the donation meets the local legal requirements.

Are my/our Parental rights protected?

es. Both your contract and the donor’s clearly establishes the obligations of each party and confirms that the donor has no financial or legal responsibility for any children resulting.

Once her eggs are retrieved her contract is fulfilled and the resulting eggs/oocytes are the legal property of the Intended Parents/s named on the contract.

Will the donor know our names or contact details?

No. She is not privy to your contract with the agency. Your name/s remain confidential, as well as your contact information. If you wish to meet the donor, introductions are on a first name basis only.

Exchange of contact details is not permitted and further communications between you are through the agency, to protect the privacy of all parties.

If you both wish to communicate in the future, this must be a mutual decision in writing and the agency bears no responsibility for those communications.

What level of screening does the donor have?

The ​donor undergoes all infectious disease screening as required by the IVF clinic she travels to. If they request specific genetic disease tests, these are factored into your donor costs.

Any non-essential additional genetic screening can be requested by the Intended Parent/s, who will bear the expense of these tests.

How much does a known egg donor cost?

The cost of the donor includes her personal compensation, our agency fee, seasonal flight/hotel/meal costs for her and her companion, screening tests, medical monitoring, medications and any visas required.

Depending on the destination IVF clinic, we then provide a quote for you. Estimated fees are between 9,500 USD and 15,500 USD.