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Why Exquisite Egg Donors?

Exquisite Egg Donors envision a future generation of donor-conceived children whose Parents have been able to personally decide on who they match with.

Photographs and family details are available, which you may choose to share with your future children, or which may help you to best match with your own appearance.

We hope that our transparency allows you better choices in your donor search and equally allows our donors to match with recipients within the comfort and security of our support.

Our donors are all extraordinary young women, motivated to give others the chance of parenthood. Each donor is individually selected, and like us believes that intended parents should have the choice of a known donor.

The Donors also have the choice to offer a level of future contact if requested, whilst we maintain absolute confidentiality for the Intended Parents.

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About Us 

This was by far the best trip I did. The girls were amazing and so was my chaperone. Couldn’t have asked for any better.
Firstly I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to donate with Exquisite Donor, it’s been an incredible experience- from the professionalism, the hotel, the food to the destination.
Being part of something so amazing, as to help another family build their home was just the icing on the cake.
We have a very positive experience with an egg donor via Exquisite Egg Donors.