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Becoming an
Egg Donor

Exquisite Egg Donors

a small group of experienced egg donors, who visualise a better and more open approach to donating.

We have personally donated with the major agencies in multiple countries and whilst there have been many positive experiences, only another donor knows your expectations and hopes, understands the need to work within your availability and genuinely values your gift to Intended Parents.

We believe that the donors themselves should have a choice to offer personal details and possible future contact if they wish to. Each of our donors decides for herself the level of contact and information she is comfortable with.

Intended Parents may wish to meet their donor or they may prefer to remain anonymous. Our vision is to offer transparent donations whereby both Donors and Parents have the opportunity to match with the candidates most suited for them.

Many agencies have high fees that do not reflect donor compensation. There are also agents who may offer the same candidate to two couples, without the donor or Intended Parents being aware. We are strongly against this and ascertain that the donor has an absolute right to know that she is donating for a specific recipient, or is in prior agreement that her eggs are shared between recipients.
Why do our Donors choose to donate with us?

There are several reasons why our donors choose to be exclusive to us. We offer higher personal compensation to ensure we attract the very best candidates and because we believe that the donor’s fee should reflect the commitment and effort she invests into the donation.

Our contracts require that we inform the donor of a pregnancy resulting (whilst maintaining the privacy of the intended parent/s), so that she is aware of possible children that came from the donation. We prioritise the care and well being of our donors. Every donor has the option of an escort to travel with her to the location of the IVF clinic chosen by the Intended Parent/s.

Each donor can personally choose the level of communication she is comfortable with when she matches. This information is available on her profile for prospective parents. Your compensation is assured, as we do not proceed with bookings or screening/testing until payment is received from the Intended Parent/s.

How it works


Complete our online application form and submit with the necessary documentation

Get approved

Our team of professionals will look over your application to make sure you meet the criteria for approval.

Added to our database

Once Approved your profile will be added to our password protected online data base.

You are all set

You are now a registered donor with Exquisite Egg Donors.

Becoming a
Sperm Donor

Exquisite Egg Donors

The first agency to offer Known Sperm Donors for Intended Parents.

Just as our clients wish to choose their egg donor, a known sperm donor equally offers the opportunity to decide on the candidate that best matches with you, as well as the potential for photographs, meeting in person and future contact.

The donor himself specifies the level of information he is comfortable with on his profile, allowing you to select from the appropriate candidates.

Who are the sperm donors?

The donors are generally between 23 and 35 years of age. He has been screened by our team and understands the responsibility of donating, as well as the future implications should he agree to meet and/or allow contact in the future.

His contract and yours, specifies that he has no parental rights or responsibilities and no financial obligation to the resulting child/children.
He is solely the donor and for this reason his full name is not provided. Equally your name/s and details remain absolutely confidential.

Our first sperm donors were friends and partners of our egg donors. Therefore they had a fairly good understanding of the process of donating and the motivation behind it, which meant they jumped at the chance when we began to have requests for candidates.

We have donors with their own children and also donors that have not yet reached this stage in their lives. Their profiles provide these details, as well as family history, health, physical features, photographs and education details.
A note from each donor for Potential Parents is available on request.

Why a known Sperm Donor?

Currently the main source of sperm donors is from the major sperm banks, with frozen samples able to be purchased per straw and shipped world-wide.
These straws vary in quality and are priced accordingly. They contain enough sperm for a single fertilization cycle only.
A thawed straw cannot be re-frozen. Therefore should the recipient/s need a second attempt, or in the future wish to try for siblings, further straws must be purchased.
Additionally, there are shipping costs from the source cryo bank to your clinic.

Our donors travel for a fresh cycle. This means that you have the option to create additional straws to freeze if the sample volume permits. Most samples allow for fresh fertilisation of the eggs and an additional straw to be frozen. In some instances the volume allows for a 2nd straw to be frozen.

Our donors limit the number of donations they make. He is aware of each donation, unlike a sperm bank where multiple deposits will be taken from the same donor and the number of resulting children are unknown to the donor and yourselves.

Sperm banks may offer both anonymous and known donors. A known donor through the bank will permit details to be known when the child/children reach the age of 18. It is not possible to meet the donor, communicate in advance or request any information additionally to what the bank provides.

Previously, this level of known donor was the best parents could hope for, aside from a friend donating.

The option of a friend or personal contact as a donor brings with it concerns for both parties over future responsibilities- their country laws dependent. The donor may be legally responsible for the support of the child and the parents could face issues if the donor decides he wishes to be involved in parental responsibilities.

We believe the option of our known sperm donors is an ideal solution for most Intended Parents.

We have worked with:

Single women and Lesbian couples who wish to chose their donor and have the option to provide details of the donor to their children in the future.

Heterosexual couples who wish to match as closely as possible to the male partner’s appearance and field of study, as well as hobbies and interests.

The donated sample/s remain the property of the Intended Parent/s. However, if they should not wish to use their additional straw/s, these cannot be gifted without the specific permission of the donor.
The donor is contracted to match and donate for the client purchasing the sperm. We assure our donors that their donation is exclusively for the use of the client and there is a possible child/children in a specific country.