About Us

Are We?

Exquisite Egg Donors are a small group of experienced egg donors, who visualise a better and more open approach to donating.

We have each donated with the major agencies in multiple countries and whilst there have been many positive experiences, we feel that importantly, for the future children born from donation, their parents should be able to impart a level of information that both they and their children are comfortable with.

We believe that the donors themselves should have a choice to offer personal details and possible future contact if they wish to. Each of our donors decides for herself the level of contact she is comfortable with.

Intended Parents may wish to take the opportunity to know their donor or they may prefer to remain anonymous. Our vision is to offer transparent donations whereby both Donors and Parents have the opportunity to match with the candidates most suited for them.

Why Choose 
Our Agency?

Intended Parents have several choices when searching for an egg donor.

Firstly, they can choose an anonymous donor supplied by their IVF clinic, which is often compulsory in many countries. An anonymous donor means that you can request specifics, but will ultimately match with the candidate the clinic considers most suited for you. This may be based on your ethnicity, photos or blood type. For some recipients, who may not wish to closely match with themselves, this is a satisfactory option and is always the most affordable choice. Clinic donors do not fly to their destination and live locally, therefore overheads are low and cycles are often shared with another recipient if egg numbers permit.

However, many clinics who are only able to offer anonymous donors in their own countries can accept external donors, whom you have matched with. We frequently work with clinics whose patients have requested known donors as an alternative.

Secondly, there are agency donors where you are offered photos, but not the opportunity to meet or communicate with her. The information you receive is via the agency only and extremely limited with regards to transparency of your chosen candidate. Many agencies have high company fees that do not relate to donor compensation. There are also agents who may offer the same candidate to two couples, without the donor or Intended Parents being aware, and therefore charging two separate fees. We are strongly against this and ascertain that the donor has an absolute right to know that she is donating for a specific recipient, or is in prior agreement that her eggs are shared between two recipients.

Thirdly, Parents may choose to source their own donor, through forums or personal contacts. This can be a viable resource but screening tests to confirm the viability of the donor are at the parents expense, as well as relying on the donor candidate to be forthcoming with prior donation history. Our donors are limited to 6 donations. They are no longer offered once they reach this number and may also choose to donate a lesser number of times themselves. Should a candidate not pass screening, the parents bear no cost for this. Alternate candidates will be offered until they are happily matched. The donors are also fully supported and supervised throughout the process by our team.

Why do our 
Donors choose to
Donate with us

There are several reasons why our donors choose to be exclusive to us.

We offer higher personal compensation to ensure we attract the very best candidates and because we believe that the donor’s fee should reflect the commitment and effort she invests into the donation. The girls often use their University break or work vacation time to donate, therefore her payment should compensate her time away.

Our contracts require that we inform the donor of a pregnancy resulting (whilst maintaining the privacy of the intended parent/s), so that she is aware of possible children that came from the donation.

We prioritise the care and well being of our donors. We will not jeopardise her health and  every donor has the option of an escort to travel with her to the location of the IVF clinic chosen by the Intended Parent/s.

Each donor can personally choose the level of communication she is comfortable with when she matches. This information is available on her profile for prospective parents.

Her payments are assured, as we do not proceed with bookings or screening/testing until payment is received from the Intended Parent/s.